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UV flat bed printing

UV flatbed printing is the perfect platform for innovation. Our UV flatbed printer can produce a wide range of superior quality print applications including new technologies like varnish and white ink printing.

Below are some of our substrate materials used for UV flatbed printing.

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Aluminium Composite Panel

Lightweight yet extremely rigid and flat.  This durable panel consists of two thin aluminum sheets that are bonded to a Polyethylene plastic core. Ideal for long term indoor or medium term outdoor signage.




Corflute is the most popular form of temporary signage.  It is a corrugated twin wall sheet made from polypropylene. Lightweight, durable and weatherproof it is an extremely cost effective signage option.




Made from 97% recycled paper waste this is a very strong, versatile and lightweight material.  It has honeycomb construction core sandwiched between two flat, printable card sheets. Available in 10mm & 16mm thickness  this VOC free board is a great alternative to MDF and is easily disposed in paper recycling bins.



Also known as Perspex, acrylic is a strong, lightweight, glass-like plastic that is seven times stronger than glass. Ideal for illuminated displays such as light box's or corporate signs.  It is strong, durable and is easy to fabricate and bend into various display systems.


Vanity Board

An exciting new product.  A mirrored Perspex panel that’s direct printable, much easier to handle and cheaper than glass.  It’s perfect for shop-fit outs, restaurants and promotions for nightclubs – in fact, anywhere you have mirrors, you can have Vanity Board.


PVC Foamed Board

Foamed PVC is perfect for internal signs, many retail stores use these to put big full colour images up on walls. It's lightweight, fire retardant and waterproof with the 3mm sheets being flexible.



Foamcore is a lightweight material made of 3 layers - an inner layer of polystyrene foam that is clad on either side with light card.  It is available in white or black in thickness from 5mm to 20mm.  Only suitable for indoor use.



High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) an ideal thin sign panel.  It has great dimensional strength, is impact and heat resistance and is relatively low cost. HIPS offers durability, emits no corrosive or noxious fumes & is 100% recyclable.


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Vinyl Stickers

Ideal for car bumper sticker, product labels and other outdoor advertising.

Excellent outdoor durability - life expectancy up to 3 years.

Printed full colour on gloss white vinyl or specialty vinyl.

Will stick well to most smooth, clean surfaces.

Can be cut to shape and choice of permanent or removable adhesive.


Laminated vinyl stickers

The perfect choice for longer term outdoor signage.

Higher quality gloss white vinyl which is laminated for long term durability.

5 year plus life expectancy.

Can be mounted to a sign panel for use as exterior building signs etc.


High Tack stickers

For use on surfaces that are "low energy" and not good for sticking to.

Extra strong adhesive sticks to most surfaces.

3 year outdoor life expectancy,  5+ years when laminated


Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a ideal temporary promotional media.

Great for point of purchase, instore specials, trade shows, exhibitions etc.

Graphics are removble without leaving adhesive residue.

Options for indoor (hard floor and carpet) and outdoor use (concrete, pavers and bitumen).

Comes with a CSIRO slip rated protective laminate for OH&S requirements.


Window graphics

Installs to the inside of the glass doors or windows.

Graphic is viewed from the outside.

Printed in full colour onto clear vinyl with white backing.

5 year plus life expectancy.


One Way Vision

One Way Vision is a unique window sticker that looks solid from the outside while allowing visibility out from the inside.

Approx 2 - 3 year outdoor life expectancy.

Suitable for use on most windows including vehicles.

Compliant with Australian Visual Light Transmission (VLT) rules for vehicles.

Must be installed to outside of glass, not recommended for indoor use.



wall graphics

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Temporary wall graphics

Self adhesive wall graphic vinyl suitable for temporary or medium term graphics. For internal walls which are smooth, clean and free of tefflon based paints. Easy and clean removal from painted walls for up to 2 years. Ideal for home or offices


Commercial wall graphics

High quality vinyl with laminate for longer term use and higher wear and tear. Ideal for locations such as cafe's, restaurants, retail and gym's. Will stick to most smooth painted surfaces. Perfect for larger wall areas. Laminated surface allows for easy cleaning of splashes and spills etc.



A traditional pre pasted wallpaper. PVC free, FSC certified and is Greengaurd Children and Schools certified. Printed with Latex inks that are odorless and meet AgBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building products.

Ideal for use in schools, hospitals and govt departments etc where health issues are a major concern.


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Indoor / Outdoor

Suitable for use for all POS graphics, posters and displays. This synthetic paper is ideal for indoor or short term outdoor posters. Made from lightweight, tear resistant satin polypropylene.

Fade and water resistant which doesn't buckle with moisture. Economically priced.


Windscreen Banners

The perfect solution for car yard promotions. Strong and durable pvc - ideal for repeat use.

Standard size 1000mm x 300mm, custom sizes available


Backlit Films

Suitable for all illuminated lightbox, display and POS graphics.




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Promotional Banner

Perfect for all single sided short term banners.

Economically priced, ideal for promotions, fence, wall and hanging banners.

Lightweight yet strong 440gsm, 500x 500 denier.

Can be hemmed, roped, welded and eyeleted.


Heavy Duty Banner

Heavy duty construction for better durability.

Suitable for medium term or repeat outdoor use.

550gsm with blockout layer, can be printed double sided.

Can be hemmed, roped, welded and eyeleted.

Perfect for sponsorship banners at outdoor events.


Mesh Banners

Suitable for all mesh banner applications such as fence wraps, building wraps,

construction zone banners, scaffold wraps and backdrops.

Mesh banner has fine holes in surface to reduce wind resistance.

High strength for outdoor use.

Can be hemmed, eyeleted, roped and welded.



Where large, low cost  graphics are required.

Has rope edging for easy installation with track systems

Max 2500mm x any length without joins or larger with joins.



Perfect for indoor use at trade shows and exhibitions.




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