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Retractable Pull-up banners are an excellent choice for marketing at events, functions, trade shows, in your showroom and at point of sale. For those that are new the game, they are a banner printed to a polyprop material, rolled into a canister that is then held up with a stand. These light weight, free standing, easy to transport and assemble displays are a popular choice. But how can you ensure your banner stands out in the crowd?

We've picked the brains of our design and sales team who came up with the following top tips to help you get more from your display:


Before embarking on the design of the banner make sure you are clear about the message you want to communicate. For example, is the banner intended to:

  • Develop brand awareness?
  • Drive traffic to a website?
  • Generate leads, or promote an offer or deal?

Keeping this goal in mind will help you develop a banner that is easy for your customers to understand and contributes to your marketing goals.


Most people tend to default to the standard pull-up banner size of 850 mm wide by 2000 mm high which is about the same size as a standard door. But if you really want to stand out from your competitor then remember that size really does matter. Most good suppliers will be able to offer a range of sizes right up to 2 metres or wider, but if you can't go wider then consider having multiple stands side-by-side.


A highly effective way to use pull-up banners is to convey your messages across multiple banners. For example, a suite of banners that includes a main company banner plus complementary banners for each of your products or ranges.

You can achieve this is via a continuous graphic element that creates a visual journey. Your pull-up banners then work to tell a story, each building on the next, as if they are one large banner or display.


Keep your design simple to allow your main message or brand to really stand out. Here are some ideas for keeping your banner design simple:

  • Minimise the number of colours you use.
  • Don't try to fit too much information on the one banner.
  • Keep text to a minimum and use a bold legible font.
  • Use large blocks of colour & Use bold graphic elements.
  • Only use great quality images that will be clear in the viewing distance.
  • Remember that less is best.


Double sided pull-up banners offer double the exposure in the same amount of space. They’re ideal for large spaces or situations where your banner will be in the centre of a room or store.

Repeat the design on both sides or continue your message on the reverse side. If you’re using different designs front and back, ensure there is continuity of style. This can be achieved by using a consistent footer or a similar look and feel with slightly different messaging.


The most visible part of a retractable banner is at the top. The information at the bottom of pull-up banners can be obscured by people and other signage or displays.

If using your banner for events where people will be seated (especially when there is no stage) it is important to place critical information at eye level and above.


Find a way to deliver your message succinctly. Too many words on a banner is not effective whereas single words can pack a big punch on a well-designed banner and help convey the essence of your message without taking up a lot of space.

If you have a punchy slogan or company tag line, this might be a good place to start.


Can you tell your story with an image? Only use high quality or professional images of your service or product, that work well in the space.

There are literally millions of ideas online, so if you need inspiration that's a great place to start and don’t forget that we have a graphic design team that can help you every step of the way.


The last thing you want when you have an important presentation or trade show is to have a faulty or poor performing retractable banner.

In addition to good graphic design it's important that you don't make the mistake of purchasing a low quality, cheap pull- up banner that will curl at the sides, have low quality print and an unreliable canister. Nothing will cheapen your brand more than a poorly designed, sagging or damaged banner.

We regularly see the following problems with cheap banners.

  • low quality stands that are unreliable and damages the print.
  • Poor quality print with inaccurate colours - there's nothing worse than your logo being the wrong colour.
  • Lightweight film that curls at the edges and tears easily.
  • Glossy film that is hard to see due to reflection.
  • No warranty on the stand or print.

It's important to have high quality prints with accurate colour. By choosing a reputable printer who uses stay-flat, low glare, heavy duty, polyprop film you can ensure you graphics will look great. By adding reliable and hard wearing banner stand you reduce the risk of failure and increase the life of your investment.

At Think Big we have so much confidence in our retractable banners that we offer up to a 2 year guarantee on our Premium retractable banners so you can relax in the knowledge that in the unlikely event there is a problem we will replace it. All retractable banners come complete with a durable padded carry bag for easy transportation.

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