Getting Social with Signage

Our friends at Eaglecrest Technologies know the value in having your vehicles branded plus they know how to leverage it even further. Find out what they discovered and how they are making a great form of advertising even better.

Statistics show that vehicle branding or signage is one of the best value forms of advertising available today, better value than traditional advertising such as TV, Radio and Newspaper, and can also be better value than most paid social media advertising.

For a once off investment you can be advertising for not just a single day, week or month, but for several years - and it's working for you every day, 365 days per year.

For approx $2 per day or less you'll be hard pushed to find a more cost effective marketing option.

But you don't need to stop there, this is where the team at Eaglecrest have take it a step further than most.

As part of their social media strategy they regularly feature their wrapped vehicles in their social media posts.

Why do they do it, other than they have some great looking vehicles, it's a great create content by showing their followers what their team are up to when they are out and about, plus it's a great way to include their branding in their social media photos as well.

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