A Window of Opportunity

Open a window of opportunity with high-impact graphics.

Window graphics can make a big impact for retailers, offices, cafes and plenty of other organisations. The right design, installed correctly using specialised materials, can make a bold and vibrant statement on both external windows and inside a building. Alternatively, window graphics can be used to provide privacy or to change the light within a space. It’s a thriving market for graphics companies and designers.

It’s essential to use the right media for each project. There's an incredible range of window graphics materials to help you choose the best product for the job, with a few things to consider.

First, it’s crucial to know exactly what you want from their window graphic. Do you need a window graphic that is only visible from the outside, or inside the building as well? This will dictate both which material and type of printer to use.

Window graphic materials are rated for either indoor or outdoor use to help you choose the right media – it’s important to ensure a good finish and the required lifespan. Similarly, the printer must be compatible with your chosen materials, as certain ink sets may require topcoats or laminates to ensure longevity. And never use a permanent adhesive for a temporary graphic: this will cost you later in time and money for removal and clean-up of adhesive residue!

We also advise against using a material that will trap heat in a window, as this can cause expansion and shatter the window. These include multi-layered block-out materials, but we can guide you if you have any questions or uncertainties – we could even have a new product, perfect for your project, that you don’t even know about.

Don’t choose sub-par materials and expect top-quality results. The difference will show in clarity, adhesion and overall performance.

There is a fantastic range of materials specifically for different window graphics applications to help you achieve a finish to be proud of.

One-Way-Vision is a fantastic print vinyl that allows you to have graphics on the outside of your window, yet still be able to see outside through the window when indoors. It's great for giving privacy and advertising at the same time yet it won't make the inside feel "closed in".

Essydot is an easy self-apply printable film with dot pattern adhesive. Install graphics anywhere with easy, bubble-free application and super easy removal. It's great for ultra-short term outdoor graphics of up to a couple of months or 1 to 2 years indoors.

SupaCling is also an easy self-apply printable film, available in white and clear. This material is removable, recyclable and environmentally friendly matte polypropylene film with a treated print surface and a suction coating on the reverse side designed to stick onto glass and other glossy surfaces. Ideal for sign, display and graphic applications where easy installation, repositioning, clean removability, and re-use are desirable.

For an easy installation of short-term outdoor graphics, we recommend "easy apply" vinyl with bubble free adhesive making installation and removal quick and easy which is perfect for promotions and advertising campaigns.

3M Optically Clear (pictured above) is specifically designed for long term, high-end window graphics that can be custom printed using CMYK+White ink for special privacy graphics such as in office spaces.

All of the above options can all be printed with your advertising or branding but if you are after some truly unique options then check out the 3M Fasara range or pre-designed window frosting films which are perfect for a corporate office requiring privacy and a stylish look at the same time.

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