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Over the years we have worked with many artists with many different materials, methods and processes. One of those artists is Nigel Lazenby, a Launceston local who has embraced the digital world with both the creation and production of artworks using digital design and printing technology.

He has produced many different artworks in various sizes and materials using digital technology and modern materials. One of his most interesting pieces was produced on clear acrylic to brighten the areas of The Darwin Clinic which is a part of the Darwin Private Hospital. Sets of beautiful vibrant and colourful leaves were commissioned for some of the communal areas of the clinic.

This was an intricate project for the team at Think Big, as not only were these leaves all different shapes, but also multiple sizes which involved creating complex laser-cut files for each leaf. Once printed and laser-cut, Think Big’s production team carefully mounted and hand-trimmed the vinyl to the acrylic. In total 11 leaves were created which then required custom packaging to ensure they arrived in pristine condition at their destination, logistically from the bottom of Australia to the top!

Nigel’s artworks are varied; beautiful landscapes, gorgeous Tasmanian flora and fauna, light and bright abstract happiness to the deep and moody works. A mural for our curved wall in Think Big’s reception and show room is printed to a versatile material called phototex – a matte finished adhesive textured fabric. Introducing Nigel to this material inspired a kid’s collection, Shift Kids.

Shift kids was designed to help children to learn visually and make connections between the alphabet and physical objects. They can be applied in children’s rooms as decoration, however being printed to phototex means they can be moved and re-applied many times (as long as the wall is clean and dry before application), providing interaction and communication with your child to help with early learning such as spelling and numeracy. The packaging design was created by Think Big’s design team and the limited edition “Shift Kids” were executed by the production team carefully to ensure they were suitable for sale.

Many of Nigel’s digital artworks are created using a tablet (iPad pro) where he uses his hands or digital pencil to feel more connected and in control artistically to his pieces rather than a computer. The beauty with this method, they are created as vector art and can be scaled at any sized. Thy can also be produced to many different mediums, acrylic, wood, canvas, glass etc… and won’t lose clarity giving the purchaser of the art a lot more flexibility with the final printed result.

Nigel can custom create and work directly with a business to create a custom and unique look for their working space. In recent times, Nigel worked with Launceston’s Charles Heart Clinic. Needless to say, the results speak for themselves.

At present, we are working on some natural Tasmanian fauna decorative pieces which will be laser cut and etched from line art drawings, where a handful of these were created by Nigel. They will be available for purchase just in time for Christmas from another of our local businesses we work with on a regular basis who predominately produce Tasmanian made products.

If you would like to work with Nigel, or have some of his pieces on display at your home or place of business, please contact us, or visit his website:

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