Case Study

Country Club

Casino, food, drinks or accommodation, Country Club Tasmania facilitates it all. Known locally as the ‘Cas’, Country Club is jam-packed with adventure and amenities. With activities such as horse riding, golf, bike riding, tennis or swimming Country Club is equipped for anything their guest may want to experience.

  • Client: Federal Group
  • Date: 2022

Country Club has continued to be one of the premier Northern Tasmanian resorts for both tourists and locals alike. To maintain this reputation, updates to their facilities and informational signage are an important investment.

Undergoing a complete rebrand recently, Country Club Resort and Villas required a variety of large and small-scale internal and external signage products, including monument signage, wayfinding signs, illuminated light boxes, acrylic lettering, wall signs and building signs. They were installed onsite over several weeks to minimise disruption to their operation. The new and iconic green signs were made from gloss vinyl and mounted ACM panels. Additional white acrylic letters for the Villas entry were also amongst the rebrand installs. Due to the large and challenging positioning of some products, our team required the height access equipment and many sets of hands.

Now, the Country Club Resort and Villas in particular, are easily navigated and spotted, providing visitors with informative wayfinding and branding that looks great and ensures its reputation as a premier destination will remain a form favourite for tourists, locals and experience seekers.

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