Case Study

Launceston Airport

From the prominent Boag’s upper Deck bar and restaurant to the ubiquitous fagus leaf motif or the immersive scent of lavender, Launceston Airport showcases the very best of Launceston and Tasmania.

  • Client: Launceston Airport
  • Date: 2017

Launceston Airport has continued to invest in their future growth and that of our state. The last financial year has seen significant strategic investment of more than $2 million in re-shaping the terminal to improve the traveller experience through the Airport.

Think Big has been involved in these improvements with the updating of the terminal which included include improved wayfinding and "sense of place" graphics throughout the terminal.

Launceston Airport also made a number of improvements during the year to their accessibility facilities including more disabled car parking bays, renovation of accessible toilets and the introduction of an ‘assisted screening meeting point’ for the security screening area for the mobility impaired requiring facilitated assistance. This required customised signage and wayfinding to re-direct visitors during the renovations and update signage and wayfinding upon completion of the renovations.

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