Terms and Conditions


We like to be 100% up-front with our clients to allow all projects to run smoothly and be hassle-free. To prevent any confusion please read the following terms and conditions before placing your order.

These terms and conditions apply to customers (Client) of Mobilewraps Pty Ltd trading as Think Big Printing (Think Big). By placing an order you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions


  • Expiry - Estimates are valid for 30 days from the date of quotation. Acceptance of estimate after the 30 days is subject to pricing confirmation and may be subject to change.
  • Good Faith - All estimates are made in good faith on the information supplied. We reserve the right to notify and charge additional costs to the Client if the information supplied is incorrect or not obtainable at the time of estimating.
  • Site Survey - Some signage projects may require a Site Survey. This will give us accurate information to provide a full estimate. The Client may be charged a fee to cover the costs of completing the Site Survey.
  • Accuracy of Measurements - Where Think Big take specific measurements, we will assume responsibility for the accuracy of those measurements. Where measurements are provided to us by the Client and are found to be inaccurate, any additional costs associated with re-printing / re-producing or re-installation will be passed onto the client.
  • Variations - Changes to the scope, quantities, product specifications or additional works will incur additional costs. Installation and Graphic Design costs are estimated as accurately as possible but may vary once work has commenced. We will advise you as soon as any cost variations are known.
  • Acceptance - Upon acceptance of the estimate, the Client enters into a contract of sale and agrees to all associated terms and conditions as outlined in this document.


  • Graphic Design - Our art department can assist you with the setup and /or design of your artwork. Fees for this service are charged at a fixed or hourly rate depending on the project.
  • Proofing - Think Big will provide electronic design proofs at various stages throughout the design process. Approval is required to ensure the client has checked, approved and authorised the design enabling the project to progress accordingly. Think Big is not liable for costs involved in re-prints when artwork has been incorrectly approved by the client.
  • Stalled Jobs– If a design job stalls for any reason staged invoicing may be required. We will invoice the client for all design work completed to date and archive all working files. If the client wishes to continue the job at a later stage we are happy to provide a new estimate to complete the project.
  • Variations - Your acceptance of the estimate is based on the understanding that Graphic Design times and costs are an estimate only based on information available at the time of quoting. If these times and costs vary once work has commenced, we will advise the client as soon as possible.
  • Print-Ready Artwork - Finished artwork is to be supplied in print-ready EPS or PDF format, with all fonts converted to outlines. Clients providing artwork in any format that requires additional work may be charged an additional fee.
  • Colour - Due to design proofs being produced by digital means, the colour reproduction may not give a true representation of the completed job, therefore, a design proof should only be used as a guide. For specific colour matching or use of a specific PMS colour, an additional fee of $35.00 will be charged. Clients should be aware that colours may vary slightly depending on the type of material used and that a match to all PMS colours may not be possible.
  • Creative and Intellectual Property - It is an industry-standard that design/advertising/signage companies remain the owner of all working files. The files hold our intellectual property, technical ability and our point of difference from competitors. The client remains the owner of the end product and all material they have supplied. Digital or physical reproduction of artwork without written permission (for purposes other than proofing) is not permitted and is an infringement of copyright law. Any artwork provided to a client remains the property of Think Big until payment in full has been received.
  • Artwork Errors - We will do everything we can to detect errors in all artwork, however, any errors that go undetected will be the responsibility of the client. This applies to client-supplied artwork and approved design proofs. This includes incorrect fonts, spelling, low-resolution images and incorrect colour matching if no colour-matching information has been provided. Clients will be responsible for all costs associated with reprinting, manufacture & installation.


  • OH&S Compliance - Think Big will carry out any installation work so it is compliant with current OH&S legislation. This may add additional cost to a project due to methods of work or equipment required which will be chargeable to the client. All installation estimates are calculated to include OH&S requirements that are identified at the time of estimating.
  • Council Approvals - It is normally the responsibility of the client to gain approval from councils or other authorities regarding the installation of signage. We are happy to work with clients and Councils to prepare development applications if required. Charges for the preparation of Development Applications are charged at a minimum of approx. $450 + GST per job plus associated costs. Costs and requirements vary from council to council and on the size of the signage project.
  • Electrical work - We recommend that the client organise any electrical work directly with their chosen electrician. If you do not have a preferred electrician Think Big can organise this for you and costs will be charged back to the client.
  • Underground Work - In projects where installation requires excavation into the ground we may need to use the “Dial Before You Dig” service to locate underground assets – this may cause a delay to the project installation. If rock or difficult ground is found to be present, additional costs may be involved to continue digging or drilling.
  • Urgent Work / After-hours charge - Some projects may require work to be completed outside of normal working hours (due to job urgency, access issues or council requirements). We are more than happy to work with our clients in this situation, but an additional charge to cover staff wages etc. will need to be applied.
  • Height Access - Height access equipment may be required for your signage project. Think Big will organise the appropriate equipment and costs will be charged back to the client.

Vehicle Graphics Installation

We need your help to ensure your vehicle graphics installation goes smoothly. Please use this handy guide explaining the best way to prepare your vehicle for your graphics, and what our requirements are.

  • Cleaning - Although we undertake a vehicle preparation process before applying your graphics, we need you to make sure that your vehicle is as clean as possible when it arrives. Give your vehicle a good wash with hot, soapy water the day before, and do not use any waxes, polishes, or coatings as it will cause issues with your graphics adhering to the vehicle. We appreciate you will have to travel to us, so a little road grime isn’t an issue. If your vehicle isn’t clean when it arrives, we may need to charge for the time & materials to clean it, and this is very likely to delay the installation of your vehicle graphics.
  • Drop off & Collection - We would like to get your vehicle in the workshop as close to the agreed drop-off time as possible. You are more than welcome to drop your vehicle off the afternoon before your installation if that helps you. This can be helpful if we are anticipating rain, as it enables us to get your vehicle into the workshop overnight and dried off ready for installation. In most cases your vehicle will be ready to collect later the same day, depending on the design but our team will advise you on this. There is onsite parking to facilitate leaving your vehicle overnight, but this is at your own risk.
  • Bodywork & Paintwork - We are always happy to offer advice on the condition of your vehicle’s body & paintwork where we have seen the vehicle before installation, however, you are wholly responsible for the suitability of your vehicle to receive the graphics. We will not be able to offer any warranty where the paintwork or surface is not in a suitable condition.
    • New Paint - Newly painted vehicles, or vehicles that have had a recent respray or repair, must be allowed time for the paints to fully harden and cure before installation of vehicle graphics – Seek advice from your painter/bodyshop about this.
    • Old Paint - For older vehicles, the existing paintwork may have become damaged or weathered. Always check the areas where the graphics are being installed for damage, it is advisable to get any defective paint repaired before installation. Damaged or weathered paint surfaces can reduce the adhesion of your graphics.
    • Bodywork - Vinyl is a thin, self-adhesive film, so dents, dips, scratches and scuffs in bodywork can be covered, but please remember it is not an invisibility cloak, and this damage will be visible through the film, some colours and finishes can exaggerate it. Areas where water can ingress behind the vinyl, are prone to failure and can vastly reduce the service life of your vehicle graphics.
    • Rust - Self-adhesive vinyl will not stick to rust. It won’t adhere particularly well to unfinished primer, and its bond is only as good as the underlying paint, so flaky paintwork is a no-no. We advise getting areas of rust professionally repaired before installation to give your vehicle graphics half a chance of staying in place.

If you need any more advice, just give us a call, or drop into one of our offices.

Payment Terms

  • COD (cash on delivery) - all jobs are COD unless there is a pre-approved account in place. The balance is payable before delivery of goods or at the time of collection. Where goods are to be installed by Think Big, then the balance is payable upon completion.
  • Deposit - A 50% deposit is required for all new clients before commencement of work with the balance payable before delivery or at the time of collection. Where goods are to be installed by Think Big, then the balance is payable upon completion.
  • Progress Payments – Where a job may take longer than 1 month Think Big may request progress payments be made at the end of each month.
  • Accounts - First-time customers are cash on delivery (COD) until a Credit Application is received and approved. Trading Accounts are only available to clients who have ongoing or repeat work. Invoices will be emailed (unless otherwise requested) to the contact person listed on the Account Application form.
  • Government Customers - Think Big will extend credit terms in line with the Tasmanian Government policy. All Government Agencies must pay outstanding invoices of less than $50,000 within 30 days, or if a shorter term has been agreed, within the shorter term. For invoices of $50000 and above, payment must be made in accordance with agreed terms and by the due date.
  • Late payment - The client accepts they will be charged an administration fee at a rate of 3% per month on any overdue amount.
    • If a client defaults without communication to our Accounts Department after 30 days past due, your account and all jobs in progress will be placed on hold.
    • For accounts that are 60 days past due we may take legal action to recover all monies owed.

Payment Options

  • The following payment options are available:
  1. Cash or Cheque (Subject to prior approval)
  2. Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa only) or Debit Card / EFTPOS
  3. Direct Deposit (Remittance Advice must be provided)

Thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions. We are confident this will help your projects run smoothly.





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